Enjoy our tavern menu for lunch (or any time of the day!). 


French Fries                                                $2.75
Onion Rings                                                $3.75
​Macaroni Salad                                           $2.25
Soup of the Day                                         

Hot Items

Cheeseburger                                              $6.75
Served with lettuce, tomato & pickle and chips
Chicken Tenders                                          $6.75
Served with Ranch or BBQ sauce
Chicken Sandwich                                       $7.75
Breaded breast served with chips & pickle
Hoffman Hot Dog                                         $2.75
Served with chips
Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich                      $8.75
Chicken Wings or Wing Dings                      $9.75
Shrimp Basket                                              $8.75
Breaded and served with chips and pickle

Cold Sandwiches

Turkey Breast                                               $6.75
Baked Ham                                                  $6.75
Ham or Chicken Salad                                 $6.75

All Served with lettuce, tomato, chips & pickle 

 All prices above include tax

 Plus, we have daily lunch specials available!